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What you should know about Rental application form

  1. Each adult in the property must complete the application.
  2. Documentation is required for the application process.
  3. A total of 100 points are needed for document verification.

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About Stockdale Leggo Rental

Stockdale Leggo Rental is a property management service provided by Stockdale & Leggo, a real estate agency in Australia. As the name suggests, Stockdale Leggo Rental specializes in managing rental properties on behalf of property owners. This service is designed for property owners who do not have the time, expertise, or inclination to manage their rental properties themselves. It is also suitable for owners who may live far away from their rental properties and find it challenging to handle the day-to-day tasks associated with property management. Stockdale Leggo Rental takes care of various responsibilities related to managing rental properties. This includes advertising vacant units, conducting tenant screenings, preparing lease agreements, collecting rent payments, coordinating property maintenance and repairs, handling tenant complaints and disputes, conducting property inspections, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. By availing Stockdale Leggo Rental, property owners can enjoy a hassle-free experience of owning and renting out properties. They can benefit from the agency's extensive knowledge of the local rental market, access to potential tenants, and expertise in property management. Additionally, Stockdale Leggo Rental aims to maximize the returns on investment for property owners by ensuring proper tenant selection, timely rent collection, and efficient property maintenance. In summary, Stockdale Leggo Rental is a property management service provided by Stockdale & Leggo, catering to property owners who prefer professional assistance in managing their rental properties, saving them time, effort, and offering peace of mind.

People also ask about Rental application form

Who needs to complete the rental application form?
Each adult residing in the property is required to complete the application.
What documents are required for the application?
Documents that add up to 100 points are needed for the application.
Where can I find more information about Stockdale Leggo rentals?
Visit the Stockdale Leggo website for more information on rental properties.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Rental application form

Instructions and Help about Rental application form

We have been tracking the global trends um very closely and we've been in regular contact with people in the united kingdom the us and across australia initially the trends that we were seeing were very similar to ours there was pre-lockdown the lockdown and then the post locked down we've recently split away from that in victoria here with our trends and we've found that the final part of the victorian lockdown has actually set us in motion in a whole new direction we've seen consistent confidence throughout regional victoria which has demonstrated the property market's resilience with a high demand for both sale and rental properties coupled with a steady supply of properties coming to market we've seen metro remain a stronger player than was initially forecast i'm sure many of you were watching the news at the time and you probably saw people talking about how we're expecting a 20 or a 30 or even a 50 of one stage production in property values when he saw the first hit it hasn't been the case at all in fact properties have been selling and leasing quite quickly as a general rule and we haven't seen a huge drop at all in uh in property prices interestingly uh the rental demand ing to has only gone down five percent which is staggering to notice um based on circumstances that being said there is an air of caution across the state which is affecting metro more so than regional um which simply means that the the bounce back that we'd hoped would happen really quickly straight after it hasn't quite reached that level that we had hoped in the metro areas um particularly you will hear us talk a lot about metro and regional now and and your...